RTU for Cellular Telemetry with MQTT protocol

How does it work?

The equipment allows a direct connection with an MQTT broker through the mobile network, supporting TLS 1.2 encryption to make communication secure.

In addition to their own inputs / outputs, all GRD-MQ models can take information from Modbus slaves connected to their serial port. GRD-MQs include unique features in industrial MQTT equipment such as the ability to function as a datalogger. It has internal memory and allows adding date-time to publications so as not to lose any event if the equipment was off-line.

Automation can also be carried out locally by scripting and configuring the equipment remotely by MQTT via broker.

  • MQTT Client
  • 4G + 3G + 2G Cellular Communication
  • American and European bands
  • 4-20mA y 0-10V Inputs
  • Digital Inputs
  • Pulse Counter Inputs
  • Digital Outputs
  • Serial Ports
  • MQTT Client to connect with broker.
  • Modbus Master protocol in port RS232/485 for expansion I/O or control of external modules.
  • Modbus Slave protocol for local access to I/O.
  • Script based programming logic.
  • Alarms and Control by SMS messages.
  • Event Registration On Line (GPRS signal) and Off Line (no GPRS signal).
  • Remote control of outputs via subscription.
  • Airborne Firmware Update.
  • Remote Serial Port Mode via MQTT

    GRD1620-MQ-4GA/4GM 1 RS232 / 1 RS485 --- --- ---
    GRD3621-MQ-4GA/4GM --- 2 0-1V/0-10V/4-20mA
    Configurables of Software
    (1 PT100 input)
    4 (4 for pulses of up to 50Hz)
    Configurables of Software
    GRD3625-MQ-4GA/4GM 1 RS232 / 1 RS485 4 0-1V/0-10V/4-20mA
    Configurables of Software
    6 (6 for pulses of up to 50Hz)
    Configurables of Software
    GRD3534-MQ-4GA/4GM 2 RS232 / RS485 8 Configurables
    (8 for pulses of to 1KHz)