ETHERNET FIBER OPTIC (monomode y singlemode)

How does it work?

MCV1-FO-ETH is an Industrial 10/100 Mbps Ethernet to fiber optics converter. It’s commonly used to interconnect industrial devices PLC’s, workstations, routers and servers. Its industral enclousure and 10 to 30Vdc supply input makes it the best option for industrial applications.


  • Operation Mode: Multimode or Singlemode
  • Ethernet Port: 10/100 Base TX, RJ45 connector
  • Fiber Port: 100 Base FX, ST or SC connector (Multimode) - 100 Base LX10, SC connector (Singlemode)
  • Power Input: +10 a +30 Vdc / 200mA max.
  • Operation temperature: 0 to 70° C
  • Enclosure: DIN Rail Mount, Ignifuge
  • Distance: 2 Km on Multimode and 10 Km on Singlemode
  • Wave Lenght: 1300nm
  • Protocol: CSMA/CD, Autocross over


  • MCV1-FO-ETH-ST-MU (Multimode) (Connector ST)
  • MCV1-FO-ETH-SC-MU (Multimode) (Connector SC)
  • MCV1-FO-ETH-SC-SI (Singlemode) (Connector SC)